Love snow pictures!

This was the road as we were leaving our place yesterday morning. We are now living in a snowy world, but thank goodness someone cleared the road surface. If you look ahead in the photo you can see the outline of the spire on our cathedral. Not the spire on the right, that is a […]

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Diy Ugly Kitchen Cabinets



Do you have ugly cabinets? New cabinets can be expensive! Take a look at this cost effective way to bring back your ugly cabinets.

First off you need to purchase a few things but trust me it is cheaper then new cabinets!

1)Primer that can be put over stain so the top coat doesn’t yellow.

2)Oil base paint for the top coat.

3)Paint Brush.

4) Glazing stain.

I installed crown molding to dress them up but it is optional.


The ugly cabinets before I started.




Installing crown molding


Painting Cabinets

Go over all the stained surfaces with primer.

Then you will paint the cabinets with white oil based paint. Once everything is painted you will want to install the doors and drawers. The last step you will do with a rag and small art type paint brush.

You will use glazing stain with the small paint brush and brush it in all the raised panels to give them dimension. Then you will put glazing on your rag an lightly go over the painted surface to give you that farmhouse rustic look. That’s it! Then decorate and you have ugly cabinets that look new with character.


Finished look!

This is some décor that I made that goes great with the farmhouse look. You can find this at my Etsy shop




Home decor 2017. What will it be?

So I’ve been making decor for couple years now and never really had interest in selling it. One day I figured I would just put one of my string art home decor items on a facebook garage sale site to see what would happen and all the sudden I had sales an special requests like you wouldn’t believe. Long story short I did some research on trends and what I think is going to happen in 2017 is the old farmhouse style home décor coming back strong along with cork type decor. Rustic wood is very popular an will get more popular. Wall art is being phased out an dwindling away. Will see what happens!